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Colleagues sitting in room looking at camera smiling

Measuring and maximising the social value of major infrastructure programmes

The lives of individuals and their communities can be transformed not only by the creation of well-designed infrastructure but also by the project team doing social value brilliantly during the delivery phase.

Connected mobility

Improving car and lorry drivers’ lives

At Costain, rather than talking about a long-term self-driving vision, we’re busy helping our clients deliver near-term benefits for car and lorry drivers today.

Katie Dawson, Biodiversity and GIS specialist at Costain

New digital tools help infrastructure developers minimise their impact on the environment

How do we ensure the infrastructure we’re building to underpin our towns and cities and enable our way of life doesn’t cost us the earth? As an industry, we have to find a way to balance the demand for better transport connections, more housing, cleaner energy and a steady flow of fresh water with the urgent need to protect our environment.

Adrian Finn, Costain

The journey towards decarbonised energy with hydrogen and cost-effective carbon capture

Adrian Finn, process technology manager at Costain, discusses how Costain's extensive experience in developing and supplying low temperature gas processing solutions process technology for carbon capture from syngas.

Kevin Reeves at Costain

What is a digital twin?

Our director for Internet of Things & Digital Twin, Kevin Reeves, discusses why Costain believes the best approach to Digital Twin evolution is to help its clients define what it specifically means to them.

What’s a realistic Hydrogen roadmap to 2050?

If we were to accept that hydrogen could play a significant role in plugging the energy gap and accelerating the UK’s journey towards net zero carbon by 2050, what would a roadmap for a hydrogen economy look like?

Digital twin

How a digital twin can deliver immeasurable benefits without immeasurable costs

The benefits of having a digital twin for just one infrastructure asset are many: This single source of information can reduce the number of site visits, enhancing safety and minimising downtime, as well as minimise the risk of delays and escalating costs to capital projects, to name a few. The benefits of a digital twin at a national scale would be immeasurable.

Digital innovations in archaeology enables Costain to focus on past whilst embracing the future

This week we’re celebrating the British Festival of Archaeology and the theme this year, decided by the Council for British Archaeology, is ‘archaeology, science and technology’ or #ArchaeoTech. Caroline Raynor, principal archaeologist and project director for CSjv at HS2 enabling works contract, talks us through the innovative technology solutions being used to restore the past whilst embracing the future.

Amie Dornan

Why there’s no such thing as a “typical” Engineer anymore

Amie Dornan, process engineer at Costain, reflects on her career and describes why she believes there's no such thing as a "typical" engineer anymore.

Bringing networks together

Bringing networks together

We are moving into a rapid expansion in the uptake of decarbonised transport, with car manufacturers and governments across the world placing an emphasis on developing the required technology and associated energy and transportation infrastructure. This partnership study brought to you by Network, in association with Costain, is designed to examine the changing energy demands to enable future transportation.